WLAN - Solutions

The requirement for today’s wireless Network is that the network should be fully pluggable, meshable and easy to configure and must meet future expansion needs.

The main concern for the Enterprises is value for money, with use of some Access point; enterprises have lower CAPEX and are able to easily manage their system OPEX. Intelligent Wi-Fi networks ensure very cost-effective solutions for enterprises with complete features and functionality of a high-end system.

Today Wi-Fi network is not a simple network; it has all the ingredients for excellent performance and high availability of network for users. The Wi-Fi network combines dynamic user security, RF signal routing, and smart meshing and gives the provision for centralized management, all within a secure and scalable Wireless Network.

Survey Methodology

Two types of survey methodology are adopted for the Network to be able to provide the maximum signal coverage, throughput with ideal placement of access points.

  1. Passive Survey
  2. Active Survey

Passive Survey

Passive survey is divided into two sections

  • Walk through survey
  • Planner Report

Walk Through Survey

walk through survey visits are made to view required coverage areas physically and to identify structural design and parameters such as:

  • Wall (concrete/ glass etc.)
  • Wall thickness
  • Door type (heavy/ light)
  • Glass window (heavy/ light)
  • Metal objects
  • Office environment (cubicles/ compact rooms/ open spaces)
  • User density.

Planner Report:

The observations acquired the walk-through survey are incorporated into WiFi planner tool (Air Magnet/Zone Planner) to generate the predicted coverage area/ footprint of an Access Point (Heat Maps). AutoCAD drawings/structural diagrams of a building are used and the Access Points are placed virtually on CAD drawing through planner on the same location where we are planning to install the Access Point and thus generate the Heat Maps.

Active Survey

Inactive surveys, we place Access Point physically at the suitable location and check for the following readings with the help of endpoint devices like; laptops, Smart Phone, and tablets

  • Maximum footprint/coverage of Access Point.
  • Throughput and reliability of signals

Note: The results of passive surveys are verified with the active surveys and the results are expected to be 85- 95% similar.